48° North Marine

Located in beautiful Bellingham, WA - the gateway to the San Juan Islands - we live, sail and work in one of the premier boating destinations in the world.  As a result, there is a thriving marine industry here that supplies some of the best raw materials, provides ready access to testing our products on a variety of boats, and keeps us plugged in to the latest in marine innovation.
At 48º North Marine, our strategy is simple: If we use high-quality raw materials, manufacture products to the highest quality standards, provide a great customer experience and do it all at a competitive price, we'll have customers for life.

Product Line

The retail marine stores stock conventional, popular products that sell well.  It's how they make money and serve most customers' needs.  However, boat mooring hardware does not always conform to convention, nor do the places we moor our vessels.  Since we make our products, we can maintain lower stock levels of a wider variety of products that meet the needs of the unconventional.  If you don't find it on our website, we happily take custom orders.  Contact us for a quote.

High-Quality Materials

Whether it's rope, thimbles, or any other material, we source and use the best out there.  Samson, CWC, Seadog, Suncor, Chafe-Pro and other similar name brands are found in our products.  Yes, we could use cheaper materials from Amazon or Alibaba, but we don't.


Every spliced product in our catalog is handmade start-to-finish in Bellingham.  We don't outsource the assembly of our products to foreign companies and bring them back here to sell.  We take pride in our work and we believe the quality will speak to you when you open the box.  Yes, it may be only a snubber, bridle or mooring line, but it's what we do and we're proud that we do it right.

Customer Experience

While we can't match some companies' 24/7/365 availability (yes, we need to eat, sleep, and sail periodically), we can still provide great customer service.  Whether it's assisting in product research, providing a great purchasing experience on our website, responding to inquiries, or handling returns, we strive to ensure you're happy with 48º North Marine.


Use great materials, make it well, provide good service, and do it all at a competitive price equals great value.  We hope you agree.

Come sail the San Juans!